Urban Dove, Inc. (“UD”)

Posted on August 11, 2015

For salary support for the Regional Program Office Associate position at their Bedford-Stuyvesant Office which houses UD Team Charter School, their new charter school for students aged 15-17 who are significantly off-track for graduating from high school and/or are at-risk for dropping out of school. This early intervention prevents them from continually being “left back” and repeating a year in a school setting which did not suit them. This Associate is responsible for overseeing UD’s youth development programs including College All-Stars and the HiRisers peer mentoring program, with a focus on curriculum development, staff development and supervision, partnership management, and program quality assurance. All UD Team students will participate in these youth development programs which operate both during the school day and afterschool, providing them with the skills that they need to overcome obstacles, graduate from high school, and go on to attend college.