Queens Community House, Inc.

Posted on August 9, 2019

For their Alternative to College (“ATC”) Counselor who provides post-secondary supports to youth graduating from their Learning to Work programs who are not college-bound and who have no career-focused plan yet in place. This year, they will begin the work and the relationship-building with students prior to their graduation. They will offer a new introductory workshop to provide an overview of services available from the ATC Counselor, and the general benefits and challenges of each. The ATC Counselor provided direct service to 89 youth in the pilot year while building new partnerships with training programs and other resources to which they can refer their participants. They have gained a better understanding of the challenges that this population faces and the barriers to their success. Having honed their model, they now want to deepen the work while beginning to institutionalize their approach across their program sites which serve young adults transitioning to adulthood, in order to have a broader approach. Queens Community House is a multi-site, community-based, settlement house serving low-income families in 11 neighborhoods across the Borough of Queens.