Grand Street Settlement, Inc. (“GSS”)

Posted on August 9, 2019

To support a Career and Education Pathways Access Coordinator for the GrandLo Cafe at Essex Crossing, a nonprofit social enterprise job training program. The program will serve 50 “opportunity youth” this year, youth who face steep barriers to future achievement and low access to educational attainment. The youth will receive training in hard and soft skills and comprehensive supportive services to help them overcome difficult life circumstances. Based on lessons learned during the first-year pilot, the training cycles will move from 9-week to 12-week cycles in order to give each cohort a more in-depth training. They will reduce the cohort size from 15 to 10 trainees per cohort to give each trainee more individualized attention during the training cycle, and to allow GSS to more successfully build their career and educational pathways placement support following each participant’s completion of the program. The Coordinator will guide the youths in creating an individual Career and Education Pathways Plan, connect them to a workforce or education pathway, track participants’ progress during and after the program to gauge the program’s effectiveness, and provide further support as needed. Grand Street Settlement provides comprehensive educational programs and social services to people of all ages residing on the Lower East Side in Manhattan and Williamsburg and Bushwick in Brooklyn.