Public Preparatory Network, Inc. (“Public Prep”)

Posted on August 9, 2019

To support a Math Instructional Coach who will work collaboratively with teachers, network-wide, to provide instructional support and pedagogical content knowledge for mathematics teaching and learning in grades Pre-K through 8. The Math Coach will support the development of math curriculum, observe math instruction, and provide real time feedback for math teachers through targeted coaching cycles in an effort to continuously improve math outcomes for all learners. The Math Instructional Coach will coordinate this work with the Instructional Coaches and Curriculum Directors of other content areas in an effort to streamline supports and enhance the math scope and sequence in alignment with all Pre-K through 8 curriculum work. Public Prep is a charter management organization that develops high-quality Pre-K and single-sex elementary and middle public schools that pursue excellence through continuous learning and data-driven instruction. They support 3 public charter schools located in low-income communities in the South Bronx and the Lower East Side of Manhattan that educate nearly 2,000 boys and girls in grades Pre-K through 8th.