All Star Code, Inc.

Posted on August 9, 2019

towards the hiring of a Curriculum Director who will help to refine their 6-week Summer Intensive and year-round Scholar Services Programs which together expose young men of color to the tech fields. The Summer Intensive provides the young men with over 200 hours of computer science instruction and soft skills development, all while being imbedded within a cohort of twenty peers at a Fortune 500 company or at a university. After completing the Summer Intensive, the students are deemed “All Star Scholars” for life. The Scholar Services Program provides continuing computer science education and mentorship opportunities, professional and collegiate skill-building workshops, and community-building events. They provide access to internships with corporate partners, opportunities to both travel to and present at tech and entrepreneurship conferences, and networking events with other All Star Scholars. Through a rigorous introduction to coding, dedicated mentorship relationships with industry leaders, and access to exclusive internship opportunities, All Star Code opens doors for young men of color who are interested in tech careers.