New York Cares, Inc.

Posted on August 9, 2019

For continued support of the Leadership Engagement Manager who will continue to hone their approach to onboarding, supporting, and managing Team Leaders, volunteers with extra responsibility who have received additional training and who are at the helm of each community project. This position is part of their focus on increased consistency and quality of their program delivery, as well as on improving the internal infrastructure needed to best serve their nonprofit Community Partners and the populations whom they serve. The Manager’s focus will be on building relationships throughout their key volunteers’ leadership experiences, making them more positive volunteer experiences, and increasing the ease with which the key volunteers can help them to deliver their ongoing programs. Through enrichment workshops, hands-on support, and consistent communications with Team Leaders, the Manager will seek to build a stronger, more connected group of leadership volunteers. New York Cares meets pressing community needs by mobilizing many caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.