New Alternatives for Children, Inc. (“NAC”)

Posted on August 9, 2019

To support the second-year salary of NAC’s Chief Development Officer. As NAC has added six new programs over the past few years, each with significant growth potential, they must ensure that they have the infrastructure in place to support and sustain this growth. This has increased the burden on raising more funds from private sources each year. The addition of this position has enabled NAC to begin designing and executing a strategic plan for revenue generation, developing Major Donor and Planned Giving programs, and building the agency’s current and prospective institutional supporters at all levels, areas which they will solidify and build upon this year. NAC’s mission is to provide innovative and high-quality services in support of birth, foster, and adoptive families caring primarily for “medically fragile children”, which include children with severe physical disabilities, emotional and behavioral challenges, and developmental disabilities. Their continuum of services ensures that children’s physical, social, educational, recreational, medical and mental healthcare needs are met, and children are enabled to remain with – or to be returned to – their families whenever possible, or else be adopted by loving families.