Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation, Inc. (“CSH”)

Posted on July 20, 2023

To help fund a new specially trained and credentialed Pediatrician at CSH’s Union, NJ Outpatient Center, allowing CSH to significantly reduce their waitlist of children in their Pediatric Developmental Behavior Program. CSH is the only facility in the country with a Pediatric Developmental Behavior (“PDB”) Program which evaluates and addresses children’s mental health concerns and other issues. Each evaluation is extensive, and includes assessing the child’s cognition, communication, behavior, social interaction, sensory abilities, and adaptive skills. However, due to the high demand of these services and the shortage of healthcare providers, CSH currently has a large waitlist of 900 children who may not have access to care for up to nine months. This specially trained and credentialed pediatrician will serve approximately 70 additional children per month, allowing children with autism, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues to be evaluated and properly begin their appropriate treatments at a much quicker pace.