Chances for Children – NY, Inc. (“CFC”)

Posted on July 20, 2023

To support a new Community Outreach Coordinator who will research, develop, enhance, and expand relationships with community-based organizations to increase their referrals of families to CFC. As phase two of an outreach initiative, the new Community Outreach Coordinator will build upon work initiated by a short-term Outreach Consultant over the past 6 months and enhance relationships with new and existing community partners. This includes establishing several embedded partner relationships in which CFC therapists provide parent-child dyadic therapy and/or group services on-site at the partner’s location, thereby expanding their reach across the Bronx and providing families better access to CFC’s services within their own neighborhoods. CFC works with expectant mothers and families with children from birth to age five in the Bronx to nurture family relationships, address trauma, and build resilience. Through their network of community partners, they reach families with mental health struggles and provide parent-child therapy and group programs for families in need.