Uncommon Schools, Inc.

Posted on August 5, 2022

For support of their Senior Director of Curriculum and Assessment K-8 who is helping to lead their efforts to close COVID-related skill gaps through the creation of just-in-time instructional materials. When their students returned to their schools in-person in the Fall 2021, they launched a learning “acceleration” (not mere “remediation”) initiative that adapts their core school model to create more time in the schedule for targeted accelerated instruction to address areas in which students are struggling. This intensive effort requires them to reallocate the time of multiple positions on their central Curriculum and Assessment Team, including their Senior Director, to develop instructional resources in literacy, math, and other subjects to address learning needs that surface in their teachers’ review of weekly student performance data. This initiative, implemented hand-in-hand with their social-emotional learning (“SEL”) initiative, is demonstrably helping the academic recovery of the more than 15,200 elementary and middle school students across their network of 54 schools, including 10,600 students specifically in 47 NYC and Newark schools. Uncommon Schools starts, and then manages, outstanding urban public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to eventually graduate from college.