The Osborne Association, Inc.

Posted on August 9, 2016

For continued support of the Internship Coordinator who will further refine and implement their Internship Program for justice-involved youth. The program will target 45 justice-involved youth aged 16-24 and match them with internships at nonprofit service providers, government agencies and local businesses. The program provides a critical introduction to the workplace environment, an opportunity to explore careers, a job experience they can add to their resumes, and mitigated risk for further criminal involvement. The Internship Coordinator builds and maintains relationships with new and existing community-based organizations, facilitates all placements, and provides retention services. The Coordinator also provides wrap-around support via transitional planning, enrollment in health care and education, and referrals to additional programming. The Osborne Association is a Bronx-based nonprofit that serves individuals and families impacted by incarceration.