The Floating Hospital, Inc. (“TFH”)

Posted on July 20, 2023

To provide continued support for a Social Worker in the Life Skills Department who will better serve their single mother clients experiencing homelessness and who need social support and benefits linkages as they seek to transition from the NYC shelter system into more permanent housing and jobs. This has become a critical service for persons unable to access and navigate complex applications for entitlements (housing, SNAP, insurance, healthcare, and education) and for those requiring information on obtaining such basic necessities as food and clothing. The broader life-skills project was derived from the Social Determinants of Health study funded by the Cummings Fund in 2020, through which TFH found that, in addition to physical- and mental-health needs, their clients had deficient socio-economic conditions which thwarted their abilities to re-engage in the world. TFH provides a broad range of medical, dental, and mental health services via free van transportation to a largely medically underserved NYC population, regardless of their insurance status and abilities to pay. It is the largest provider of healthcare to homeless families being housed within NYC’s shelters.