The Door – A Center of Alternatives, Inc. (“The Door”)

Posted on August 5, 2022

To support The Door’s Community Mental Health Advocate who will provide close and ongoing supports for a caseload of 40 young people with highly intensive needs (prioritizing those who are aged 18-24), monitor mental health screenings and re-screenings, and better ensure that each young person is properly supported through the difficulties of engagement and treatment. Through their Connections to Care Initiative, previously funded by The Cummings Fund, they have gathered important insights into the current state of youth mental health, and this staff position is their next logical step to enhance their continuum of mental health supports for vulnerable young people. The Door works to empower young people aged 12-24 to better reach their full potential by providing comprehensive youth development services including health care, mental health counseling, and education supports within a diverse and caring environment, mostly under their one roof, free of charge.