Teach for America, Inc. – New York (“TFA-NY”)

Posted on August 6, 2018

For support of the 2018 NY Regional Institute which, in partnership with NYC’s Relay Graduate School of Education, will help to prepare incoming corps members to be more successful in the classroom and gain teacher certifications. The Institute also serves as a professional development and school leadership pipeline for the 90 experienced NYC educators who are hired as Institute staff, and then trained over several months to help them to develop helpful skills such as coaching new teachers and creating a vision for their work. Each corps member enrolls in Relay and takes credit-bearing graduate level courses taught by Relay Core Faculty during the 6-week Institute. The Relay curriculum is designed to develop pedagogical skills and deepen content knowledge through frequent, deliberate opportunities for practice, and complement the leadership development and coaching provided by TFA-NY staff during the Institute. The TFA-NY corps members will teach in high-need public schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan.