Teach for America, Inc. – New Jersey (“TFA-NJ”)

Posted on August 6, 2018

To support the Director of Alumni & Community Partnerships (“DACP”) to maximize the impact of the local movement for educational equality by connecting alumni to each other, to greater opportunities, and to the broader community. There are over 1,300 alumni who live and work in New Jersey, and the vast majority continue to work in education. The alumni team is growing in order to capitalize on the opportunity available in this expansive leadership force, and to better bridge the transition from a second-year teacher to an alumnus. The DACP will lead New Jersey’s efforts to galvanize TFA alumni leaders in education and foster greater partnerships within the communities that they serve, with a special emphasis on Newark. The goal is to ensure that alumni feel better connected to the local TFA network, are timely made aware of career opportunities, and are then supported in pursuing them.