Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, Inc. (“SEO”)

Posted on August 9, 2017

To support a new Associate Director of College Persistence position. The Associate Director will have a greater role in overseeing the student transition process from high school to college in the spring, focus on curriculum development of the annual College Success Series, and oversee curriculum development for the student Winter Institute. This new role will enable the Vice President of College Scholars to focus more time on strategy and program growth with the doubling of the Scholars program that is underway, and that will directly impact the college team in the coming year. Strengthening college program infrastructure is essential and mirrors the infrastructure enhancements in the high school component of the Scholars program that were instituted over recent years with the doubling of student admissions. SEO College Scholars is both a college access and a college persistence program, providing services throughout an eight-year span, from 9th grade to college graduation.