ScriptEd (d/b/a Code Nation)

Posted on February 4, 2021

To support a Program Manager responsible for developing and administering their new Teacher Led Programs (“TLP”) in New York City, which will teach the fundamentals of coding to students in 6 classes in 4 under-resourced high schools. In the TLP model, Code Nation provides ongoing, in-person training to classroom teachers who teach their Intro to Web Development curriculum. They provide classroom teachers with a full curriculum including: lesson plans, guided notes, activities, and homework; weekly check-ins with a Code Nation Program Manager; biweekly classroom observations; weekly volunteer support; and field trips to tech companies. A cohort of 6-8 volunteers will commit to coming to classes on a bi-monthly basis. They will alternate so that there will be a volunteer in the classroom every week to provide feedback and guidance on technical projects, and to form personal relationships and a link to the tech industry.