Safe Horizon, Inc.

Posted on August 4, 2021

In support of the salary of the Vice President of Mental Health Treatment, who will oversee the Safe Horizon Counseling Center’s (“SHCC”) provision of evidence-based, trauma-informed mental health interventions. The Vice President is recognized as an expert in the successful adaptation, implementation, and sustainability of these treatments in outpatient, real-world settings. SHCC is the only NYS-licensed mental health counseling center that provides evidence-based trauma treatment exclusively for victims of crime and abuse. The SHCC therapists, who are all licensed mental health professionals, seek to implement the most effective treatments for trauma survivors. This can be life-changing work, particularly for the youngest whom they serve, because unaddressed trauma often has lifelong consequences. Numerous advances have been made in the trauma field, and their evidence-based, survivor-centered, and anti-oppressive interventions offer a path to lasting recovery from trauma possible for survivors of all ages. Safe Horizon is a victim assistance organization which provides an array of services to victims of child abuse, domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, and other crimes through a network of more than 50 program locations across NYC.