Resources for Children with Special Needs, Inc.
d/b/a INCLUDEnyc

Posted on August 9, 2017

To support High School Launch, a school-based program that reduces disability stigma, builds self-advocacy skills, and increases self-esteem for youth with disabilities through a workshop series, direct student support, school-wide training, and outreach. The program works with schools that have high concentrations of low-income students of color who are at greatest risk of poor educational outcomes and unemployment. High School Launch will serve 500 students at ten high-needs high schools: 150 students in small-group sessions designed for individualized work for youth with disabilities; and 350 students in large-group sessions aimed at de-stigmatizing disabilities. In addition, parent/caregivers and academic staff will be assisted with a specialized resource guide and tools, along with offered trainings to help them better understand their roles in student transition.