ReadWorks, Inc.

Posted on July 20, 2023

To support their Educator Support Project Manager who is responsible for strengthening their offerings for their earliest learners and ensuring that their teachers have the resources needed to utilize ReadWorks with fidelity. The science of reading makes clear that early childhood learners need texts where they can repeatedly practice applying their decoding skills from their phonics lessons, which is a gap in the ReadWorks library as well as a current need in the greater marketplace. Using the topics in their Article-A-Day Scope & Sequence, ReadWorks will launch new diverse and rich decodable texts for beginning readers to practice decoding while also building knowledge in a cohesive, structured manner. Each new decodable text will be hand-curated with existing listening-level texts in their library. ReadWorks is on the cutting-edge of the science of reading by bringing together the two critical pieces of learning to read – word recognition and language comprehension – into one easy package for teachers to use to supplement their phonics curricula. ReadWorks seeks to improve teacher effectiveness and raise student achievement in reading comprehension through research-based, classroom-proven instructional practices and curricula, and through free, open-access online technology.