ReadWorks, Inc.

Posted on August 5, 2022

For continued support of the Manager of Data Analytics who helps ReadWorks to make much improved, data-driven decisions that then timely better inform all of their work to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement in reading comprehension. They will continue exploring the many different ways by which educators use their content and features with students – whether at school in the classroom, remotely with teacher guidance, and/or at home with parents/guardians/etc. – and to use their findings to determine how to best give research-supported guidance to each of these cohorts. Given the online nature of their work, ReadWorks is uniquely positioned to support the ongoing education of children in New York City and, indeed, around the country, during this unprecedented pandemic, helping to ensure that they do not fall behind in their learning. ReadWorks seeks to improve teacher effectiveness and raise student achievement in reading comprehension through research-based, classroom-proven instructional practices and curricula, and through free, open-access online technology.