Partnership with Children, Inc. (“PWC”)

Posted on August 9, 2017

For a consultant to lead a Board Strategic Planning project which will support their programmatic growth and sustainability. The project will include the following steps: clarify their target market; monitor partnership performance metrics for each school and for the agency; and develop a plan to create diversified and sustainable funding strategies. Partnership with Children works to strengthen the emotional, social and cognitive skills of vulnerable children, targeting the highest-need communities and schools in NYC. By integrating social workers in schools full-time to provide crisis intervention, individual counseling, small group work, full-classroom and school-wide programming, they address the urgent needs of these students and change the climate of the entire school. They are serving 11,000 students in 29 schools across all 5 boroughs, including 13 community schools where they oversee a deeper level of student support and enrichment and parent engagement.