Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow, Inc. (“OBT”)

Posted on August 4, 2021

For a Special Projects Manager, a new position within OBT’s Job Development team. The Manager is working to help ensure that their programs, while being offered remotely, continue to teach the hard and soft skills that their students need: (1) Redesigning OBT’s foundational, 8-week Work Readiness curriculum (with the aim of making their soft skills training more effective in a remote setting); (2) Offering intensive coaching to the Work Readiness teachers to ensure lessons are effective in an online classroom, successful and standardized; and (3) Supporting teachers in their hard-skills certification programs (including the Microsoft Office Certification curriculum) to help them to more effectively teach within an online learning space and improve their online delivery of professional certification courses. These efforts will greatly improve the learning experiences and the future job opportunities for nearly 300 young adults. OBT is a Brooklyn-based organization operating out of multiple locations which provides education, employment and training services to youths and adults from disadvantaged circumstances.