New York Cares

Posted on February 4, 2021

For continued support of the Leadership Engagement Manager who engages and supports Team Leaders, volunteers with extra responsibility who have received additional training and who are at the helm of each community project. During COVID-19, New York Care’s responsibility to at-risk New Yorkers has only been magnified, requiring them to mobilize and deploy all spontaneous volunteers and coordinate and implement relief programs across the City. Team Leaders have been vital to this effort, bridging gaps between their staff, volunteers and Community Partners by managing day-of project logistics, troubleshooting any issues that arise, and recording program outcomes data and volunteer attendance. They also serve as ambassadors of New York Cares and its mission. The Leadership Engagement Manager will continue to focus on increasing Team Leader retention and activity through training and engagement opportunities, and more targeted communication. As New York Cares responds to COVID-19, it is vital that they support and engage their Team Leader corps so that they can continue leading their programs effectively and impactfully during one of New York City’s most difficult times.