New Visions for Public Schools, Inc.

Posted on August 9, 2017

To support its Bridge to College initiative which seeks to mitigate the issue of high school seniors not matriculating to college after having earlier accepted a college’s offer. They seek to better support and guide students through their transitions from high school to college. The grant will support New Visions alumni who will work with their high school alma mater to coach graduating 12th grade students on their transitions to college. Coaches will assist students in completing a comprehensive checklist of matriculation tasks, such as housing and financial aid forms, class registrations, and placement exams. They guide students through the critical steps and decisions college enrollment entails, and help raise their awareness of resources from which they can benefit. New Visions will provide ongoing training and support to coaches, and the guidance counselors working with them, throughout the program. They will implement the program in 15 schools from their network of 76 district and charter schools, train 20 coaches, and reach 1,500 high school seniors.