New Visions for Public Schools, Inc.

Posted on July 20, 2023

To support staffing by which to further develop and expand their Postsecondary Advising Model (“PAM”), providing high school counselors with an effective, standardized approach to postsecondary advising by which to better meet the immediate and emerging needs of students as they pursue a college and/or career path. They will implement PAM within 33 schools and serve more than 5,000 junior and senior high school students. PAM’s overall aims are to: support all graduating students to better ensure that they have a clear, and supported, “best-fit” postsecondary transition plan; increase college enrollment and persistence rates across schools; and improve upon current postsecondary outcomes, especially for Black and Latinx males. By developing the capacity of college and career counselors and their postsecondary teams – through coaching, training upon — and ongoing usage of — the New Visions Data Portal (their unique online tool for school management), and group counselor learning sessions, PAM works by creating a six-cycle, standard approach to postsecondary advising that centers each students’ purpose as the key driver for his or her postsecondary success. New Visions for Public Schools serves as a laboratory of innovation within NYC’s public-school reform efforts, creating and refining helpful new approaches to systemic challenges.