New Visions for Public Schools

Posted on February 4, 2021

To help fund a full-time coach to support the expansion of their College Advising Pilot (“CAP”) to work with school counselors to define and standardize college enrollment milestones across 21 schools in their core network. CAP aims to significantly increase the college enrollment and persistence rate across participating schools, and to ensure that all graduating seniors have a clear and supported postsecondary transition plan by standardizing the schools’ approaches to college counseling and utilizing the New Visions Data Portal. The program is comprised of six advising cycles aligned to major milestones in the college application, enrollment, and transition processes accompanied by whole-cohort convenings and in-school coachings. Using the Data Portal, which provides student data like progress towards graduation, counselors can better track the postsecondary decision-making process to help ensure that no student falls through the cracks and that every student is prepared to pursue the postsecondary path of their choice. New Visions for Public Schools serves as a laboratory of innovation within NYC’s public-school reform efforts, creating and refining helpful new approaches to systemic challenges.