Hudson Guild

Posted on August 6, 2018

To support a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (“LCSW”) at their 21st Century Learning Center at P.S. 191, a high-needs public school located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Hudson Guild was recently awarded funding from the NYS Department of Education to launch this Learning Center for 90 middle school students. Many students at P.S. 191 have severe behavioral problems and social-emotional challenges which noticeably impact their ability to focus on program activities, interact in a cooperative manner with their peers, and achieve academic success. With the addition of a LCSW, they seek to increase the effectiveness of the Learning Center by better addressing these challenges, and providing support that will better ensure the success of participants in school and beyond. Hudson Guild’s mission is to create and sustain a strong, effective community that acknowledges and responds to the potential, achievements, and interdependence of its diverse members.