Graham Windham

Posted on August 5, 2022

For support of its Family Success Initiative Director who is responsible for facilitating network groups and providing therapeutic support for Parent Advocates and Family Coaches, helping them to better maintain their professional boundaries and composure while they support families with household circumstances oftentimes quite similar to their own experiences. For close to 10 years, the Family Success Initiative has been helping families in crisis heal by supporting parents whose children have been placed in foster care, and who are struggling to navigate an overwhelming system, while developing the skills, resources and connections that they will need to safely and permanently parent their children. It is their goal to connect all parents in foster care and their Family Support and Empowerment Program with an Advocate who has personal experience with the child welfare system who will provide information and empathetic support. Graham Windham’s overall mission is to ensure that every child whom they serve has a strong, loving, permanent family, and the opportunities and preparation to succeed in school and life.