Grace Outreach, Inc.

Posted on August 6, 2018

To partially support the new Career Bridge Program which will create 20 hours of additional career and technology programming, and work with students to find immediate jobs while continuing to receive career and technology education leading to career advancement and sustainable living wages. They will use MyBestBets, a web-based postsecondary and career exploration platform that guides low-income individuals through the planning of a financially sustainable career. The grant will support a Career Bridge Peer Coach which will allow them to substantially increase the number of students who receive career training and one-on-one coaching, and help them to better track their students’ career progress. Grace Outreach provides programs for low-income women aged 18+ to help them to strengthen their academic skills and acquire a high school equivalency diploma, and to help them prepare for both higher education options and employment pathways to higher-wage jobs and careers.