Good Shepherd Services (“GSS”)

Posted on August 4, 2021

For continued support of their Salesforce System Administrator responsible for supporting the ongoing implementation process, managing the technical needs of the system for the entire agency, and ensuring a seamless transition to the Salesforce database. As a huge organization that is geographically spread across Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan, they require a fully cohesive platform to better manage the agency’s data tracking and analysis systems to improve alignment and collaboration among programs and support departments. They are currently midway through implementing Salesforce across the agency. Once the Salesforce implementation is completed, they will have: enhanced their capacity to integrate information across program services and functions; expanded their fundraising efforts, which will also support processes to raise the quality of the services they daily provide; and strengthened the future sustainability of GSS. GSS is a leading multi-service organization that works to expand opportunities for youths and families in historically under-capitalized NYC communities through educational, residential, and child welfare programs.