Goddard Riverside Community Center

Posted on August 9, 2017

To provide continued support for a third College Success Counselor to support a caseload of 150 students as they complete their degrees. The program builds on their successful Options College Access program which helps young people with all aspects of the college application program. College Success Counselors work with students to help them to address challenges, find solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems, link them to campus resources, provide social support, provide transfer and re-enrollment assistance, and facilitate FAFSA (financial aid forms) renewal completion. The foundation of the Options College Success Program is individual counseling though regular phone, text message, and email contacts, appointments at the Options Center, and regular campus visits. Options’ extended counseling model is ensuring that the young people whom they help to apply to and enroll in college are then able to persist, meet challenges, and ultimately, to timely obtain a college degree.