Getting Out and Staying Out, Inc. (“GOSO”)

Posted on August 9, 2019

To support the new Senior Director of Client Programs who will oversee an effort to increase client retention and intentional client activity among justice-involved young men through their enhanced tracking of client engagement. GOSO clients face many challenges when attempting to proceed continuously through GOSO’s programmatic components in the prescribed manner. The Senior Director is developing a new automated workflow protocol to more thoroughly track GOSO’s clients’ continuing engagements thereby sending information and automated alerts at specific intervals to Career Managers. Each client’s activities will be better monitored to ensure more timely outreach and ongoing client support. Through this effort, they hope to encourage clients to remain active in GOSO, engaging in purposeful activities. GOSO is dedicated to drastically reducing recidivism and further involvement in the criminal justice system among young men aged 16 to 24 through supportive counseling, education, vocational training, and employment services focused upon meaningful employment and financial self-sufficiency.