Friends of TEAM Academy Charter School for KIPP New Jersey

Posted on August 11, 2015

To support a third alumni counselor within their KIPP Through College team as they work to remove the barriers to successful college outcomes for their growing alumni network which will reach 700 alums in fiscal year 2016. The goals are to increase the number of their students accepted into a 4-year college and the number accepted into a competitive college, and to achieve a longer-term goal of increasing the percentage of their students graduating from college to 75 percent, the same rate achieved by students from high-income families. Their counseling program builds strong relationships with students and their families to better guide them through the application process, and it supports the students while they are in college. They leverage their counselors’ support efforts with on-campus services where they have developed partnership schools, which is part of KIPP’s national focus. They strive to continuously improve all aspects of their work so as to ensure that their students receive a solid, college-preparatory education that will afford them the opportunity to graduate from high school, matriculate to college, and persist there through their college graduations.