Family and Children’s Services, Inc. (“FACS”)

Posted on August 9, 2017

To support evidence-based trauma trained therapists to provide trauma support groups for up to 24 children/youth who are survivors of victims of homicide and their families throughout Union and parts of Essex Counties, NJ. Children/youth grouped in 3 groups by age and adult caretakers participate in short-term (approximately 4 months) weekly group counseling sessions. Each group will be split into a youth group and a caretaker/parent group so that the youth can receive therapeutic services while the caretaker/parent is provided with ways to support the youth at home. The use of evidence-based models, like the ones which they utilize, frees children of the emotional and social consequences of trauma and improves their self-esteem, readiness to learn and social skills. FACS is a leading trauma-informed provider in Northeast New Jersey.