Central Queens Academy Charter School (“CQA”)

Posted on July 20, 2023

For support of a second Social Worker, each counseling 200 scholars in grades K-3 and providing resources for supportive services to their families at their elementary school which will grow to serve 500 students in grades K-4 in school year 2024-2025 for a total of 900 K-8 students. CQA’s elementary school program complements their middle school program and prepares their scholars early to be academically competitive and successful. Social-Emotional Learning and culturally informed counseling, which have always been a part of CQA’s program, have become more vital to their scholars’ health and well-being in a post-pandemic world. They expect that the counseling and services the Social Worker will provide to their scholars and families will result in a more positive school experience for them and better social and emotional health, which will ultimately result in academic gains. A key goal for CQA in opening their elementary school was to reach their scholars at the start of their academic experience, not only reducing the amount of remediation necessary by the time they reach middle school, but also preparing them for much more rigorous elementary school coursework. Their mission is to prepare students for eventual success in college, the workforce, and the community through a school that integrates literacy, high standards-based academics, and culturally-responsive supportive services.