Center for Educational Innovation – Public Education Association
(d/b/a Center for Educational Innovation) (“CEI”)

Posted on August 9, 2016

To help support the expansion of Project BOOST (Building Options & Opportunities for Students) to 5 additional new schools. Project BOOST is a multi-faceted, school-based day-school and after-school program for low-income, at-risk 4th to 12th grade New York City public school students. They work with the school staff to choose 20 students per grade to participate, choosing students who are not necessarily the highest or lowest achieving but are students who might not be getting noticed and therefore might fall through the cracks. Academic support is the core of the program and it is integrated into all other aspects which include social and emotional support and at least one of an array of community service projects. Schools choose to partner with CEI, and they work with the school staff to design a Project BOOST program that best meets the needs of their students.