Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services, Inc. (“CASES”)

Posted on August 5, 2022

For continued support of the Credentialing Specialist within their Education, Career, and Enrichment (“ECE”) Services Program which aids its youths and young adult participants to better develop employment skills, and enhances the odds of their future employability through credential attainments. Employment is a key motivating factor for many justice-involved young people, and CASES’ ECE staff provide job-readiness training, high school equivalency exam prep and testing, paid internships, and job placement services to help prepare young people for successful entries into the workforce. The Credentialing Specialist helps participants understand, access, and leverage meaningful employment-readiness credentials to better enable their entry into high-growth employment sectors with the potential for advancement. The Credentialing Specialist forms relationships with staff members from peer organizations providing a diverse range of employment credentialing opportunities, and also facilitates credentialing workshops onsite at CASES, thereby helping young people to engage in and complete these training programs. CASES works to increase public safety through innovative services that reduce crime and incarceration, improve behavioral health, promote recovery and rehabilitation, and create opportunities for success in the community.