BronxWorks, Inc.

Posted on August 5, 2022

To support a Case Manager for their Middle School Transitions Initiative Road Map project, who will work with middle school youths aged 11 to 15 and their caregivers to better help these youths to begin mapping their career paths as they transition from middle school to high school. The Case Manager will provide: one-on-one counseling; workshops; resource materials; and referrals related to the selection of a high school major – and the high schools which offer coursework in that major. Help with the completion of high school applications will also be provided following in-person and virtual visits to high school campuses and high school fairs. She will help each youth and their caregivers to develop a long-term plan to map a path from middle school to the beginning of his or her prime working years. Youths and caregivers will better understand the importance of long-term career planning, how to use reference materials to support their planning, and the much-increased lifelong earnings potential, and improved job satisfaction, that may result.