Bowery Residents’ Committee, Inc. (“BRC”)

Posted on August 4, 2021

To provide general support for BRC’s Horizons Workforce Development Program, their signature program that provides employment services to homeless adults working to achieve independence and stability. BRC’s Horizons Program uses an individualized approach to help residents of their homeless shelters to identify and develop their professional strengths, helping to give them the skills to more independently find and then maintain employment, even long after their active program participation. Our support will enable BRC to continue helping their clients to address their immediate needs, find initial employment, and prepare them to continue on their paths to stability as the COVID-19 pandemic thereafter subsides. BRC is a leading provider of exemplary housing and services to New York City’s neediest, annually helping more than 8,000 individuals to develop the tools to move from homelessness to improved health and greater financial self-sufficiency.