Blue Engine, Inc.

Posted on August 4, 2021

To support the work of the Vice President of NYC Program Implementation responsible for overseeing model implementation in NYC as well as program design and implementation, building and managing relationships with school partners, and supervising instructional coaches who work with teaching teams to help them shift teacher practices and mindsets, particularly as students and teachers adjust to a virtual (out-of-school) setting. They quickly shifted to a fully remote training and coaching model when the pandemic closed all schools as of mid-March, 2020. They seek to reach 1,200 students through 5 NYC school-based partnerships during the year ahead, offering high dosage coaching to co-teaching pairs, and to another 1,000 students through lighter dosage coaching focused upon key aspects of their model. Their model promotes inclusive, collaborative, and data-driven learning environments. Blue Engine trains and coaches co-teaching teams to develop the skills and expertise that are necessary to achieve meaningful relationships, promote a learning culture of high expectations, and, ultimately, thereby achieve higher gains in academic achievement among their students.