All Star Code, Inc.

Posted on August 4, 2021

For continued salary support of the agency’s Curriculum Manager, who is responsible for developing and improving upon their 6-week Summer Intensive and their year-round Scholar Services Program which together expose young men of color to the tech fields. The Curriculum Manager will seek innovative ways to further improve their Virtual Summer Intensive Curriculum in 2021and support their instructional teams to have greater impacts within their virtual classrooms. Through these efforts, they hope to better ensure that every new student, Scholar, and instructor is fully prepared for a fulfilling virtual learning experience. The Scholar Services Program provides computer science education and mentorship opportunities, and professional and collegiate skill-building workshops. Through a rigorous introduction to coding, dedicated mentorship relationships with industry leaders, and access to exclusive internship opportunities, All Star Code opens doors for (currently vastly under-represented) young men of color who are interested in pursuing tech careers.